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Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency guide

Welcome to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency guide through our website DVLAContact.co.uk we try to provide the necessary information to allow you to perform all the following services:

Driving license

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Tax

MOT certificates

SORN information

Find a Dvla local office: You can contact the dvla by using the following information or by the online email service.
And more DVLA related services, as well as helpful links to other drivers services including auto dealers, car insurance, driving lessons  and much more.

Below you have access to the DVLA Contact addresses including individual numbers for each section of the DVLA so that you can be put into contact with the experts in each one of these areas. Getting answers directly from the source will help you to understand the licensing agency protocol and what you need to do in order to keep yourself and your car legally licensed.

Driver Licensing Enquiries

Telephone: 0300 790 6801

Textphone: 0300 123 1278

Fax: 0300 123 0784

Fax from outside the UK: +44 (0)1792 786 369

Hours:  Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm Saturday, 8am to 2pm

Address: Drivers Customer Services Correspondence Team DVLA Swansea SA6 7JL

Driver Check Service

09061 393 837

The driver must give their permission to enable hire car companies to contact the Driver Check Service to check his licence when hiring a car.

Drivers Medical Enquiries

Telephone: 0300 790 6806 (car or motorcycle), 0300 790 6807 (bus, coach or lorry)

Fax: 0845 850 0095

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5:30pm Saturday, 8am to 1pm

Address: Drivers Medical Enquiries DVLA Swansea SA99 1TU

Registration and Tax enquiries

Telephone: 0300 790 6802

Text phone: 0300 123 1279

Fax: 0300 123 0798

Hours:  Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm Saturday, 8am to 2pm

Address : Vehicle Customer Services DVLA Swansea SA99 1AR.

Please note that All DVLA local offices in England, Wales and Scotland have now closed!

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